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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Well This Is Awkward...

It's come to my attention that Terry McGinnis - aka Batman Beyond - will be making his mainstream DC debut in the upcoming Futures End weekly series starting May 2014.

Now as you may have noticed, that means Terry McGinnis and his world have not previously been part of the DC Universe, which means that the several times I've written about it are wrong. And if the article I read this in is correct, it means that the various Batman Beyond series cannot even be retroactively added into the DCU, because this will be a Terry McGinnis for the New 52 (read: sucky) which does not mesh well with Batman Beyond 2.0 (because it doesn't suck).

But you know what? I don't care. Despite what they say, there was a time when they fully intended the various Batman Beyond series to be the future of the DC Universe. That's why he was referenced in the grown-up Damian stories, and that's why there was an arc about a new Hush; Hush doesn't exist in the DC Animated Universe so there can't very well be a "new" one unless those comics actually happen on New Earth. So for the purposes of this blog, a version of New Earth still exists out there as one of the 52 worlds, and people like Terry McGinnis and Chloe Sullivan and Samurai are still there, going on with their lives and being generally awesome.

Of course, if Batman Beyond characters appear in Futures End or other future DC stories, I'll make note of them - especially if they haven't yet appeared elsewhere. And if any new characters show up in Batman Beyond 2.0 or any future books, I'll write about them too, because I play by my own rules.

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