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Friday, December 2, 2011

Character Spotlight: Aqualad


Aqualad is another of those characters that was created for a tv show but appeared in comics first (which, as I mentioned in the Aya character spotlight, is becoming increasingly common).  He debuted in Brightest Day #4 (June 2010) and first appeared on the tv series Young Justice in the pilot movie (November 2010).  He's a great character that was pretty much forced to be the leader of the team in Young Justice but has really grown into the role (although he might be a mole working for his father, Black Manta).

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Super Post Potpourri!

We conclude out Super Post series with a couple of entries that are just too big (and a little complicated) to fit into a previous post.  If it weren't for the Flash, I could've just made this a second Batman Super Post, but oh well.  Such is life.

Mr. Freeze's Name, Real Name, Costume, and Backstory
Mr. Freeze first appeared in comics as "Mr. Zero", a villain who spilled cryogenic chemicals on himself as he was creating an ice gun, causing him to only be able to survive in subzero temperatures.  In the Batman episode "Instant Freeze" (1966), his name was changed to "Mr. Freeze", which was adopted by the comics in Detective Comics #373 (March 1968).

TV would update the character again when the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Heart of Ice" (1992) updated his origin.  His condition was still caused by exposure to cryogenic chemicals, but this time he felt into a vat of them during a fight with his boss, Ferris Boyle, over the misuse of company resources to keep his wife Nora in cryostasis.  This was brought over to the comics in Batman: Mr. Freeze (1997) and was even used in the movie Batman and Robin (1997).

The Riddler

Top Left: How The Riddler originally dressed
Top Middle: How The Riddler dressed on the Batman tv show (Frank Gorshin didn't like wearing the spandex costume) (1966)
Top Right: How The Riddler has dressed since DC's Secret Origin Special #1 (1989).
Bottom Left: How The Riddler appeared in The New Batman Adventures (1997)
Bottom Right: How The Riddler appeared in Tim Drake's mind in Red Robin #19 (March 2011)

The Flash

The top left picture is of Wally West's costume when he first debuted as The Flash (Crisis on Infinite Earths #12, March 1986). The top middle picture shows the costume in the The Flash tv show (1990), which Wally West adopted in the comics (as seen in the top right picture) (The Flash #66, July 1992), even though Barry Allen was the protagonist of the tv show.  The Justice League/Justice League Unlimited Flash wore a modified version of the comics costume (2001), as seen in the bottom left picture, which was then adopted by Wally West in the comics when Barry Allen returned (The Flash: Rebirth #5, January 2010).


Top Left: The Batmobile in Batman (1966)
Top right: The Batmobile in Detective Comics #371 (January 1968), a version of the 1966 one (the 1966 one would influence Batmobile designs for the next decade)
Bottom: The 1966 Batmobile itself showing up in comics

Bottom left: The Batmobile from Batman Forever (1995)
Bottom right: The Batmobile from Batman and Robin (1997)
Top: (far left) the Batman Forever Batmobile; (far right) the Batman and Robin Batmobile; below that one the Animated Series Batmobile, and in front of that one the 60s Batmobile (Batman #615, July 2003)
The Batmobile in the movie Batman:
The Batmobile in Catwoman #36 (December 2004):
The Batmobile in Batman: The Animated Series (1992):
The Batmobile in Detective Comics #784  (2003):

More Batmobile goodness!  In Detective Comics #850 (January 2009), we see the Adam West Batmobile, the Tim Burton Batmobile, both Animated Series Batmobiles (the original and the one from New Batman Adventures), and the Tumbler.