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Friday, May 22, 2015

Blade's Powers

Comics Should Be Good has written a great article showcasing how Blade went from having just immunity to vampirism to full blown "all of the powers, none of the weaknesses" after his movie came out. As usual in cases like this, anything I said on the subject would basically be plagiarism, so here's a link.

One thing it doesn't mention is that these powers first appeared in season 2 of Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1996). This episode was supposed to tie in to the movie, but production trouble meant the movie would get released two years later.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Maybe File: Wayne-Powers

Posts on this site are not always cut-and-dried. I wish they were. And there are definitely a lot of entries that should either clearly be on the site or should clearly not be, but there are also a lot of maybes, and including them comes down to a judgment call. This one is by far the maybe-est. In fact, I'm creating a new category just for it, because it's close enough that I wouldn't feel right not including it, but still hazy enough that I feel like including it is cheating a bit. So I'm including it with a big caveat.

This week in The Maybe File: Wayne-Powers.

Wayne-Powers first appeared in the first episode of Batman Beyond (1999) as a future version of Wayne Enterprises that had merged with Powers Technology (I can't find a picture of a sign, unfortunately). It was decidedly less well-intentioned than Wayne Enterprises, which makes sense since it was run by a supervillain called Blight.

In this month's Free Comic Book Day Divergence Special #1 (May 2015), we find out that two months from now, Batman has died and a company called Powers International, run by Geri Powers, has taken over Wayne Enterprises.

Now here's the question: does this count? It's not in the future, it's not (yet) officially called Wayne-Powers, and Geri Powers may or may not be related to Derek Powers. That being said, I think the intention is there, and I think the recent popularity of Batman Beyond backs me up. It's basically just like the Kingdom Come kick DC got on in the 2000s. So like I said, I'm including it, but there's a big ol' asterisk on this post for now.