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Monday, September 14, 2015

Gadget Spotlight: Lola

This is a short entry because there's not much to say.

The Agents of SHIELD pilot (2013) introduced Lola, Agent Coulson's flying car.

Lola later made an appearance in Deadpool #22 (January 2014) of all places, flown by Agent Coulson. Side note: it'd be great if this season of SHIELD had Scott Adsit playing Agent Scott Adsit.

Lola has since appeared in several issues of SHIELD volume 3.


  1. well, lola specifially first appeared in agents of shield but they had flying cars in general in shield since the 60s nick fury shield title. Ane yes this specific model...

  2. They used Porsches in the 60s. If you can find me a picture of them using a red 1962 Corvette prior to the show, I'll edit in the information.