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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Character Spotlight: King Tut

Ah, Batman '66. It seems that now that the rights have all been sorted out, comic book creators are falling over themselves to introduce the tv-first villains into the comics. First we had Bookworm, then Egghead, and now, thanks to a tip from user shadzane, we have...King Tut!

Of course, we already had a King Tut, and arguably a better one, so you may consider this a 52 Shake-Up. I first wrote about that King Tut in my Batman '66 Super Post, where I said:

King Tut 

King Tut first appeared in Batman (episode: "The Curse of Tut", 1966).  In the show, he was a professor of Egyptology named Omaha McElroy, who believed himself to be a reincarnation of King Tut after receiving a blow to the head during a student riot.

He was mentioned by the Riddler in Secret Origins Special #1 (June 1989), but he made his first actual appearance in comics in Batman Confidential #26 (April 2009).  This time he was Victor Goodman, a criminal Egyptologist who murders the wealthy and leaves behind Egyptian-themed riddles.  His real name is an homage to Victor Buono, the actor who portrayed King Tut in the tv show.  

This King Tut is completely different.

This King Tut, aka Regis Tuttle, first appeared in Bizarro #1 (June 2016) as a used car salesman from Smallville who's using Egyptian magic to get people to buy cars. He made a couple other appearances in that series, but nowhere else. Even though he's not Omaha McElroy, who'd be a perfect fit, I wouldn't mind seeing him move to Gotham Academy as the driver's ed teacher or something.

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