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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Independent Month Character Spotlight: Marcus Williams

It's Independent Month here at Jor-Ellis Island! As I stated back in the Thirty Days of Turtles, I want to start branching out this blog beyond Marvel and DC. It won't happen often because I'm not as familiar with other comics companies and I'm not sure they take to immigrants as well as Marvel and DC do, but I will be on the lookout for them in the future. They won't always be in a theme month like this, I don't think, but we'll see how it goes. Let's get to it!

Kick-Ass, if you don't know, is a series of miniseries about a kid who wants to be a superhero and then becomes one. Mark Millar wrote the comic at the same time Matthew Vaughn wrote the movie, and while they kept in contact, they took the stories different directions.

For example, there's a superhero duo named Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. In the comics, Big Daddy is a former accountant who really loves comics. In the movie, he's a former cop. Therefore, when the movie came out in April 2010, it introduced a character called Marcus Williams, Big Daddy's former partner. He takes in Hit-Girl after Big Daddy is killed.

Mark Millar incorporated some of the movie ideas into the next miniseries, so that is also the status quo when Kick-Ass 2 starts (December 2010). But, while Marcus is still a cop, he's not Big Daddy's former partner.

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