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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Character Spotlight: Dana Tan (Prime Earth, especially)

Batman Beyond is no stranger to this blog, as long time readers well know. And Batman Beyond has well been a source of headaches for this blog. But last July, I sorted out the brand's sordid history in DC comics and figured out there are three separate versions: the pre-New 52 future of New Earth, Earth-12 (and Earth-50), and the post-New 52 future of Prime Earth.

As a main character on Batman Beyond, Dana Tan is present in each of these...although that's only a recent development. Before I get to that recent development, I'll walk you through the versions that have already been documented on this blog.

The first one appeared all the way back in my Batman Beyond Super-Post, where I said this:

 Dana Tan

Dana Tan first appeared in the Batman Beyond episode "Rebirth" (1999) as Terry McGinnis's girlfriend.  Her first appearance in comics is Batman Beyond [miniseries] #3 (October 2010).

 She was from the future of New Earth. This next one is from Earth-12:

Dana Tan, Terry's girlfriend, first appeared in "Rebirth" (1999), and also first appears in Batman Beyond 2.0 #1 (August 2013).

And finally, there's the one from the future of Prime Earth. We hadn't met her yet when I made my posts last July, but she finally shows up in Batman Beyond Rebirth (September 2016). This version, who lives in a future ravaged by Brother Eye (among other things), broke up with Terry a while ago and was under the impression he had died. Now she not only knows that he's alive, but that he's Batman. And she's not happy about it.

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