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Friday, February 6, 2015

Starfire's New Look! (Plus Some Info About Her Old Looks)

In June, DC Comics is going to re-organize their line, cancelling all but 24 books and launching 20 new books (plus four miniseries). The goal is diversity in genre, tone, style, character, and creator, and unlike The New 52, which also seemed to strive for diversity, I think they'll actually succeed this time.

One of the new series being released is Starfire, and they also released some promotional art for it:

From the looks of this art, I think it's a safe guess that this book will be targeting teen girls, who happened to grow up on the Teen Titans animated series, which premiered July 2003. In the show, Starfire looked like this:

It's not a 1:1 match, but the overall look is the same. They got rid of the collar, added sleeves, and changed the skirt to shorts, but it still has the silver accents and gauntlets (which are even the same shape), the thigh-high boots, the crop top, the straight hair, and perhaps most tellingly, the pupils in her eyes. 

For comparison, I've added her previous looks below. These first two are from The New Teen Titans (1980) and Titans (1999). They don't really look anything like the above photos except being purple:

These next two are from Teen Titans (August 2003) and Red Hood and the Outlaws (2011). As you can see, and as I've mentioned before on the Teen Titans Super Post*, Teen Titans took her back to her original costume but added her thigh-highs from the show and sort-of straightened her hair, and the New 52 version on the right is just a mess, but kept the thigh-highs and added the silver accents from the show.

*as I've repeated the entry with more complete information here, I'll be removing it from that page

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