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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Maybe File: Wayne-Powers

Posts on this site are not always cut-and-dried. I wish they were. And there are definitely a lot of entries that should either clearly be on the site or should clearly not be, but there are also a lot of maybes, and including them comes down to a judgment call. This one is by far the maybe-est. In fact, I'm creating a new category just for it, because it's close enough that I wouldn't feel right not including it, but still hazy enough that I feel like including it is cheating a bit. So I'm including it with a big caveat.

This week in The Maybe File: Wayne-Powers.

Wayne-Powers first appeared in the first episode of Batman Beyond (1999) as a future version of Wayne Enterprises that had merged with Powers Technology (I can't find a picture of a sign, unfortunately). It was decidedly less well-intentioned than Wayne Enterprises, which makes sense since it was run by a supervillain called Blight.

In this month's Free Comic Book Day Divergence Special #1 (May 2015), we find out that two months from now, Batman has died and a company called Powers International, run by Geri Powers, has taken over Wayne Enterprises.

Now here's the question: does this count? It's not in the future, it's not (yet) officially called Wayne-Powers, and Geri Powers may or may not be related to Derek Powers. That being said, I think the intention is there, and I think the recent popularity of Batman Beyond backs me up. It's basically just like the Kingdom Come kick DC got on in the 2000s. So like I said, I'm including it, but there's a big ol' asterisk on this post for now.

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