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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gadget Spotlight: Mechanical Monsters

I previously mentioned the Mechanical Monsters waaaaaay back in the Superman Super-Post Part 1, where I said this:

The Mechanical Monsters

The Mechanical Monsters are thieving robots that first appeared in the Superman animated short of the same name (November 1941).  After a whopping 70 years, they received a cameo on a variant cover of Action Comics #1 (September 2011).

Admittedly, I jumped the gun on that one. When I first saw the cover, I thought they'd appear inside (y'know, because that's what covers are supposed to do). When I found out they didn't, I had already included them and didn't want to take them out. It was a huge bummer. Thankfully, Rebirth has fixed this! (and so much more from what I here.

At the beginning of Superman #1 (June 2016), we get a montage of Superman's past. And right up top, there he is, punching out a Mechanical Monster. Good job, Superman! And good job, Peter J. Tomasi!

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