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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Character Spotlight: Dr. Wu

This is an interesting one.

This is Dr. Wu. He appeared in Iron Man 3 (2013):

What's that? You don't remember him? That's because he only showed up in the Bern conference scene at the beginning and in the surgery scene at the end (where his face was covered)...for most audiences. In China, he had several other scenes. Several pro-China scenes specifically, that seem to have been requested by whatever Chinese production studio co-funded the movie.

Yet, somehow this character made the jump to comics Amazing Spider-Man volume 4 #1 (October 2015), of all places. And he's a recurring character, the head of Parker Industries's bio-tech division.

And you're probably thinking what I did: the name's just a coincidence, right? But no:

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