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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Superboy: "Rajah's Ransom"

In 1960, DC considered making a Superboy tv show called The Adventures of Superboy. George Reeves's The Adventures of Superman had just ended a few years prior and they were trying to prolong the cachet of that show. It didn't work. They did produce a pilot, however, called "Rajah's Ransom", which you can see the first half of here. And that pilot was later turned into a comic book story for Superboy #88 (1961), called "The Saddest Boy in Smallville!". Another story in that issue is called "The One Man Team" and is adapted from a non-produced tv script.

Below are two pages from "The Saddest Boy in Smallville!" which feature some characters from the pilot: John and Tommy Hunter, and the bad guys The ABC Gang.

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