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Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Batman Beyond" Post-pourri 2

Today we continue our look at the ever-growing number of Batman Beyond immigrants! Part 1 can be found here, and the original Super Post can be found here.

Splicers are a new fad in the world of Batman Beyond where teens splice animal DNA into their own to change their appearance. They first appear in the episode "Splicers" (1999). By the time of their first comics appearance in Justice League Beyond #2 (February 2012), they've become a sort of rival gang to the Jokerz. The three most prominently featured ones (the bull, the snake, and the one in the middle) appeared in the show, but I don't know about the other ones.

Dr. Nobuo Taka was a scientist who appeared in the Batman Beyond episode "Sneak Peek" (2000) as the creator of vibra-space technology, which allowed users to pass through objects by vibrating between molecules. He was killed when reporter Ian Peek stole the technology. Taka appears in flashback in Justice League Beyond #17 (January 2013)

The Brain Trust is an international society/cult that have superpowers, supposedly through achieving a greater degree of brain use than the average person. They first appeared in "Mind Games" (1999), and they also appeared in one episode of The Zeta Project. Their goal is to lure children with powers to their cause through the use of fake schools. They were also seen doing this in Justice League Beyond #22 (April 2013).

GoLeM, or Galvanic Lifter Machine, was a two-story tall construction robot that appears in the episode "Golem" (1999). In the episode, a bullied kid named Nelson Nash steals one from his father's construction site to get back at his bullies; when he learns that he has a telepathic link to the robot, he uses it to wreak havoc. A GoLeM appears in flashback in Justice League Beyond #2 (February 2012)

Bruce's bat armor was a last-ditch effort to make up for his physical limitations. It was even more advanced than the Beyond suit, but it never made it out of testing because it strained his heart too much. It's only appearance was the episode "Disappearing Inque" (1999), and then it made a cameo in Justice League Beyond #2 (February 2012)

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