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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Character Spotlight: The Jokerz

The Jokerz have previously appeared on this blog in the Batman Beyond Super Post, and that information looked like this:

The Jokerz

The Jokerz are a Joker-themed gang that first appeared in the Batman Beyond episode "Rebirth" (1999).  They later appeared in comics in Countdown #21 (December 2007) on Earth-12, though their first New Earth, present day appearance was in Detective Comics #868 (October 2010).

However, new information has come to light, so rather than give an update and have their information split over two entries, I'm removing them from the Super Post and giving them their own, complete entry. The new entry is as follows:

The Jokerz - a gang of Joker fans made up of J-Man, Dee Dee, Woof, Chucko, Scab, and Ghoul - first appeared in Batman #700 (June 2010) with members J-Man, Dee Dee, Chucko, and Ghoul, though wouldn't appear with the full roster until Justice League Beyond #1 (February 2012). Most of this group originated as the Joker's Jokerz in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000), while J-Man first led a group of Jokerz in "Rebirth", the first episode of Batman Beyond (January 1999), and Scab appeared in the same episode as a member of the gang.

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